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Sustainability and responsibility are our brand

Ball is the first aluminum can maker from South America with both ASI certifications. Browse and find out how sourcing ASI certified aluminum helps make society more sustainable and strengthen brands that are part of this process.

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What is ASI?

ASI stands for Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, an initiative and sustainability certification program that involves companies, associations and non-profit organizations which supports responsible aluminum production, sourcing and stewardship throughout the entire value chain.

A simple, reliable way to make your products truly aligned with governance, ethics, social responsibility and Sustainability values.

Aluminium can
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Cadeia da latinha de Alumínio

Thirst for

Sede de Sustentabilidade

Thirst for
More and more consumers see value and want to connect with companies and brands that take concrete attitudes towards social and environmental responsibility.
To be part of a responsible and sustainable production chain is an important step.


Consumer ASI

59% of the consumers experience difficulties in knowing which products have the most sustainable packaging (1)

ASI is the only responsible and sustainable sourcing initiative that ensures the entire aluminum value chain meets the highest environmental and social standards

Consumer ASI

For 43% of the consumers, environmentally friendly and responsible packaging would encourage them to choose a product instead of another of the same category. (2)

The ASI Logo is a direct, simple and visual way to communicate to consumers the sustainability of your product's packaging.

Consumer ASI

63% of the consumers believe that caring for every actor in the value chain is essential for companies to be considered ethical. (3)

ASI is a certification that involves the entire aluminum chain, since its extraction.

Investors ASI

More and more investors and markets value companies with good ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices

Having ASI certified products communicates to the market and investors your company's commitment to governance, environment and social responsibility values.


71% of the consumers agreed that brands can change society for the better. (3)

Build a better world and a stronger and more sustainable brand.

Do you want to use the ASI logo on your cans, give visibility to your product's sustainability aspects and enhance your brand?
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